Dr. Oz Saves Baby Racoons In Kelowna


Article Credit: Carmen Weld – Jul 6, 2016 / 3:21 pm Repost from: Castanet They were hungry, dehydrated, orphaned and about to die – but now three baby raccoons have a new lease on life. The three little male raccoons were discovered by a Kelowna man is his yard. While he initially tried to get the BC Conservation Office to come save … Read More

West Kelowna vet steps up to the plate again

By Kelly Hayes Video Journalist  Global News WEST KELOWNA — A West Kelowna veterinary is getting more recognition for going beyond the call of duty in saving a young dog’s life. The dog was part of a litter of five-week-old Border Collie pups discovered earlier this month at a Princeton ranch by two ladies on horseback. The pup was missing a … Read More

Veterinarian Ready To Help

July 19, 2015 Castanet – by Darren Handschuh Once again, Dr. Oz of Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital is opening his doors to cats or dogs displaced by the Bear Creek fire. While no evacuation orders have been given, Oz said should people have to evacuate their homes, they can bring their pets to his clinic at 2476 Westlake Rd. “I … Read More