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Tina S

In a very very difficult and stressful situation, Dr. Oz was amazing. He cared for Dracula professionally, taking the time to explain all the options. Even though the news was bad, Dr Oz and the staff tried hard to make a sad situation more manageable. He also helped with goodbye and we are truly grateful.

Wendy Cowan

We recently let go of our sweet, gentle Shadow. Thank you to Dr Oz and his staff for the care and compassion shown to both Shadow and us during this difficult time. We recently switched from another vet to Rose Valley and although our 14 year old Shadow didn't make it, his last days were made as good as possible by Dr Oz and staff.

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Imagine our surprise and wonder when we found ourselves evacuated and drove to Kelowna to stay with family, only to learn about DR. OZ! There are many stories to be told about our experience with Smokey, the Bear, and ours is one of gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Oz and his truly amazing staff at the Rose Valley Veterinarian Clinic (highly recommended by my sister and brother). Without hesitation when he heard about the fires, Dr. Oz had gone out and rented additional space and materials to house ANY evacuated dogs and cats for as long as needed and at no cost to the owner! He hired extra (and wonderful) staff and it was a real pleasure to get to them for the 10 days we were in Kelowna (we walked the dogs and fluffed up the cats daily and we saw their skill and caring, first hand). Thank you ALL, in the most "firey" way I can think of, for all you do and all you are! What a community asset, West Kelowna!

Mary Relkov

There are not enough words to express what the Dr.'s Oz and their wonderful team have meant to me and my dog, Andy. Their care and compassion are second to none. Thank you so much for all you do for us.

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I have taken my dog to 10 different vets with no success. My nine year old pit has fought allergies and been on awful med her entire life.
One visit to Dr. Oz and plenty of follow ups, not mention the hospitality. I have never herd of a vet that phones you on a Sunday afternoon just to see how your animal is doing!!! πŸ™‚ Dr oz and his staff are the best and I have no problem telling everyone I see. Thank you so much!!!!!


when my cat came home dragging a leg trap (in picture) Dr. Oz donated the Vast Majority of the cost to amputate my cats leg! AMAZING, AMAZING MAN


Bottom line is this is an amazing vet with an amazing team.
When we had almost given up hope on our little puppy, Dr. Oz and his team of dedicated professionals worked tirelessly to bring our Flyyny back to health.
He is now thriving and living a wonderful happy, healthy life with nowhere to go but up.
Thank-you Dr. Oz and team,
and a special thank-you to Kelsey and Nicole for the extra attention and snuggles.
Flyyny is doing great!
Warmest Regards,
Dave and Pamela Key


I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Oz today. My french bulldog had a case of Giardia, and after no luck treating it with another veterinarian, I called Rose Valley for a second opinion, as my dog was still very sick. Dr. Oz was so kind and knowledgable and really was adamant on making sure Gus had the best regimen possible to ensure he got better quickly. You can tell how much everyone really cares there. The only regret that I have is not finding Dr. Oz and his team sooner. Thank you for everything!

Janine Palatin

Dr Oz and his staff are beyond wonderful and in the perfect profession. Our pets are also family members and this is exactly how they are treated here. In the past six months Dr Oz has guided me while Kiros had to undergo surgery (twice) after being attacked by another dog, and then being diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. A terrible and aggressive terminal cancer. I left many tears in this vet clinic and every time I felt so much kindness and compassion from Dr Oz and all of the staff. The follow up calls and care has truly been helpful during some really difficult times. Especially at the end of my companion's life. Dr Oz truly made my heartbreak a little more bearable.

Ken and Colette Vincent

Dr. Oz and his staff have got to be the most loving and attentive Vet Clinic around! Moving here just over a year ago, we discovered Rose Valley Vet Clinic through a referral. Coming from the country to the city life, we expected a "get in and get out" service. Rose Valley Vet Clinic has got to be the BEST EVER EXPERIENCE for our pets and ourselves! From the moment you open the door, you are greeted by the most loving staff, that welcomes you and your pet like family! The energy in the whole clinic is happy and upbeat giving you and your pet a reassuring feeling. Dr. Oz puts your pet and your feelings first no matter the circumstance. Our THANK YOU also has to go out to his family for their generous patience and understanding of the dedication the OZ's have for Pet families. From our whole hearts, THANK YOU, TO YOU ALL, FOR EVERYTHING YOU GIVE TO OUR COMMUNITY!

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Best Vetranarians we've ever had! Both Docs are wonderful caring VETS! THANK YOU SO MUCH

Peggy Crandlemire

My daughter's cat suddenly took very ill on Sunday. When no one else would help, Dr. Moshe Oz stepped up. This amazing man canceled plans with his family, came to our aid. He went above and beyond, helped us every way he could. The day ended with us having to put sweet old Blacky to rest in kitty heaven. Through it all, Dr Oz was extremely caring, compassionate. We can't thank you enough Dr. Oz, for all of your help, kindness, caring. You are amazing!

Denise and Josh Whalen

Dr. Oz and his wonderful staff were fantastic about helping us to take the final steps with our beautiful Boxer,Alli. Alli had cancer and every step of the way Dr. Oz would take the time to answer questions and provided guidance. On July 14, 2016, just 1 month shy of Alli's 12th birthday, we did as many of Alli's favorite things. Then we met up with Dr Oz and his staff were she passed gently in our arms over the rainbow bridge. We later received phone calls to see how we were coping and a beautiful card signed by everyone. When we picked up her ashes we found Alli's paw print had been transferred to clay with her name beautifully written. Thank you Dr. Oz and all of your staff for all that you did for us. We will never forget what was done for us.

Sincerely, Denise and Josh Whalen

John Caetano

Drs. Moshe & Noa Oz and the whole Rose Valley Team have taken care of Seamus since we adopted him almost 5 years ago. From day 1 when we first met Dr Oz in an emergency situation to regular check ups, they have been caring, knowledgeable and wonderful. They have taken such good care of Seamus and we would (and do) recommend Rose Valley to anyone.

Karla Longacre

Dr. Oz is truly amazing. He gave up his family time over the long weekend to attend to my nephew dog Timmy (the mini Yorkie) Had Dr. Oz not helped him he surely would have died from kidney failure. Dr Oz. went over and above our highest expectations to help us in our time of desperation! Thank you Dr. Oz! We will continue to be loyal customers of your!

Samson Karpinsky

Dr. Oz saved my Sam! My mom is blind and she bought a roasted chicken from Costco for dinner. Sam ended up getting a hold of it and swallowed the moisture pad on the bottom of the tray. We called Dr. Oz and immediately he up hooked Sam to an IV. Dr. Oz stayed with him all night in case he needed emergency surgery. Luckily with an X-ray the next morning it showed that it was moving and no blockage in his intestine.
Thank you so much Dr. Oz for helping Sam. You are truly AMAZING and so thankful for all you do. Samson and Ginny think you are the BEST Doctor out there! πŸ™‚
Helmut, Linda & Christine Karpinsky

Gloria Taylor

This is Buddy, my SPCA adult cat adoption. Dr. Oz has just finished working on his "little digit" claw which he ripped completely off.
This is my third cat treated by Drs. Oz. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Such compassion for the pets and the owners.

Morgan Jones

Dr. Oz and his wonderful staff are Angels on Earth. They took such good care of my sweet girl Callie when she had to have some surgery on Monday. Dr. Oz was very comforting to this worried pet parent and his assistants were so kind and helpful to us. I have never known a veterinarian who cares as deeply as Dr. Oz does. I am so thankful and grateful to have found such an amazing clinic.


Our Jack had one of the worst infections seen, and Dr Oz immediately got everything he needed and made the time to check up on us throughout the treatment which took over a month. He helped me treat Jacks wound with other home remedies that worked miracles! Thank you so much!!! You and your staff are top quality.

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I would highly recommend Dr. Oz, at rosevalley clinic. He is the most compassionate man, and my labradoodle, Henry is doing amazing since dr Oz had been treating him for Addison's disease . I would never take my pets anywhere else,

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My husband and I cannot thank Dr.Oz and the Rose Valley Vet staff enough for their incredible commitment and dedication to their clients. We had to bring our poor fella (George) in for emergency removal of infected spear grass in his toe this Canada Day, and Dr.Oz graciously sacrificed his holiday (day and night) to care for George. He was so patient, caring, understanding and willing-we have not encountered that level of genuine compassion for both the injured furry client, as well as the frantic concerned guardians. My husband and I are forever grateful, and have the utmost respect for Dr.Oz and his staff. Thanks to their knowledge, experience, fast actions and professionalism George is making a wonderful recovery. Thanks again guys!


We were recently in the Okanagan from the lower Mainland for a weeks vacation. While there, our dog was viciously attacked by another dog. I looked on-line for a vet and found that Rose Valley had great reviews. Dr Moshe Oz was able to take our dog in, make him comfortable and operate on him by mid afternoon.
Dr Oz kept us well informed, provided a reasonable invoice and most of all, provide our dog with top notch care. Okanagan residents, you are very lucky to have Dr Oz practicing in your area!

Trish and Clayton

My husband and I cannot thank Dr.Oz and the Rose Valley Vet staff enough for their incredible commitment and dedication to their clients. We had to bring our poor fella (George) in for emergency removal of infected spear grass in his toe this Canada Day, and Dr.Oz graciously sacrificed his holiday (day and night) to care for George. He was so patient, caring, understanding and willing-we have not encountered that level of genuine compassion for both the injured furry client, as well as the frantic concerned guardians. My husband and I are forever grateful, and have the utmost respect for Dr.Oz and his staff. Thanks to their knowledge, experience, fast actions and professionalism George is making a wonderful recovery. Thanks again guys!

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Thank you again to Dr Oz, Dr Noa , Nichole and the Rose Valley team for looking after my two fur-kids! One of them, little Ringo had to have another dental at the age of 11 and we were obviously concerned about him undergoing surgery at his senior age - but he came through like the little fighter he is and is doing really great!
As always the Oz team took special care of Ringo and our other doggie as if they were their own.
What a team - thank you!

Michael R Dowd

Best vet in West Kelowna, BC.
Wendy, Heidi, Winter, Hedley.
Winter is cat on a lower level.

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Dr oz and his staff are the best. When I first brought my cat stumpy to see him with his leg I knew right away that he cared about his patients. I brought stumpy back to see him Dr Oz was so kind and caring and right up to the end of Stumpy's life Dr Oz was right there. Even if I called him in the middle of the night he always called me back. When it was time to let stumpy go he was with me in the room until stumpy went to sleep. Well done Dr Oz you will always be in my heart and with any pet that I get, you'll be their Dr.

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Gracy had to have a lump removed and her teeth cleaned. Dr Oz was great, he helped me through the process and re-assured me everything would be fine. She got pre surgery medication as well as after surgery antibiotics and pain killers. Much appreciated as I only wanted the best for her. She has come through everything very well and is back to her old self. Overall a great experience..

Kathy, Bob  & Percy

Dr. Oz and his staff are fantastic. Our dog Percy recently had his teeth cleaned and one tooth extracted and they took excellent care of him. Dr. Oz took us through the procedure in detail so we had full confidence in the procedure. We highly recommend this Dr. and clinic if you are looking for an awesome vet.

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Dr. Oz is the kindess, most caring, and genuinely compassionate vet that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I have never felt so cared for at a veterinary hospital. They are incredibly amazing and are so gentle and loving with my dog. I am deeply grateful.


I almost lost this goofy guy two months ago after having a main artery torn open in an altercation with another dog but Dr.Oz came in on Christmas day and gave up over 4 hrs of his family time to do an emergency surgery on Fischer. And not only did Dr. Oz save Fischer's life, he didn't charge any of his time that day!! Thanks to Dr Oz I get to celebrate Fischer's 10th birthday tomorrow!! Dr Oz and his staff are absolutely amazing!!

jim demone

Our first visit to Rose Valley was not a happy one for us,but it was time to let go of our puppy Cleo of 16 years. I cannot express enough,our thanks and gratitude to Dr. Oz and his team for the kindness and compassion we felt. From the girls in the front to the kind words and compassion from Dr. Oz ,to the paw print gift we received,we cannot express enough our thanks for making Cleo's passing a little more bearable. You guys are truly amazing angels who helped us through this very sad time. Thank you for everything...

Jennifer & Cameron

I can't even begin to put into words how I feel about Rose Valley and Dr. Oz. We first visited Dr. Oz when we were getting a second opinion on my cats leg, and if he would need it amputated. Dr. Oz went above and beyond for Tigger from that moment on. We choose Dr. Oz to perform the surgery, and it went as perfect as an amputation can go! We were so happy with Dr. Oz and his staff and how wonderful we were treated there! All the front desk girls know us by name now and we've been going there for less then a year! Yesterday, Dr.Oz removed my dogs front canine tooth, again, with no issues whats so ever. Everyone was so great with him and made us feel safe leaving him in the talented hands of Dr. Oz. We are so grateful for all he's done for our furry family, and don't plan on leaving him ever! We've found our family vet for sure!! The other thing I wanted to mention was the cat boarding at Rose Valley is amazing! Great kennels and staff that takes great care of them while you are away! We leave our cats only at Rose Valley when we have to be away πŸ™‚

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My precious little multi poo Peanut I miss so much ..my heart is still hurting so many times a day. Even though I can't help blaming myself for my ignorance for the things I didn't do that would have prolonged her life Dr. Oz did not add to my grief. Dr. Oz is a very special and compassionate man and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who cares about their pets. He is very generous of his time and truly cares about the animals and even their owners. I can't say enough as he has touched my heart with his wonderful spirit at such a difficult time. Thank you so much for all you do Dr. Oz.

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Dr Oz is a wonderful vet and does amazing work. I first met him when I had to unfortunately put my cat down 2 and a half years ago. He was so kind and caring and I will never forget that. I continue to take my remaining 15 yr old cat and she receives wonderful care. Best vet ever.

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Just happen to click on a link and there you were making all of these sick puppies all better without charging them for it. You are a blessing Dr. Oz.

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Dr Oz and his team is absolutely incredible! Right from when you walk into the doors, they greet you with a smile. Their love and care for animals is evident. When Dr. Oz met with us, he was empathetic, understanding, compassionate and so kind. He went out of his way to ensure that our dog received the best care possible. We felt comfortable leaving our dog in such capable hands and would recommend Rose Valley Vet to anyone who asked.

Thank you, Dr. Oz and team for being so reliable, helpful, considerate, and compassionate! You certainly live out Ghandi's quote: "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Phillipa Paul

Mollie our youngest dog, got a grass stuck in her ear when we went on a walk, and Dr Oz got her in straight away as it was getting close to perforating the ear drum, he also did a tooth that she needed to have out at the same time.

We have been with Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital from day one, as they took over the vets we were with at the time, and it has been a pleasure to have them our family vets, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a vet in Rose Valley.

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We met Dr.Noa and Moshe Oz on July 1, 2007 when two of our dogs were bitten by a rattle snake. At that time they were working at a clinic in Penticton. When they took over Rose Valley we were more than happy to travel from Oliver to West Kelowna to ensure our pets got the best care. Our dogs have needed surgeries more than once. We have the confidence in the whole team to know our animals will be cared for in a loving way. We trust the decisions and care provided to our animals. We appreciate the professionalism and genuine concern shown to us and our animal family. We are very happy that The Rose Valley Vet Clinic was awarded the Best Vet for 2014 from the BCSPCA. Keep up the great work!!

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Last summer, my parents passed within two months of one another. Halfway through this stressful period, our Family (senior) cat was severely injured: I was facing the choice to put him down. Dr. Oz was most compassionate, and helped me to a decision to save Ricky one-more-time. He and his staff member worked late into the evening to perform the needed surgery. Dr. Oz was invariably kind, and highly capable. Today, into his age in human years, Ricky's due for a wellness physical--there's only one Dr. and place for him: Dr. Oz, and Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital!

Royce Rubin

Thank you so much Dr. Noa for helping us out with our puppy Boxer Royce today. You and your staff were super friendly, and we are so happy that we found your clinic. Being out of town with a puppy emergency is not easy, and we are so thankful that we found you. We will have to come back and visit the next time we are in town with Royce. (Hopefully with no emergency ;).

For anyone with a pet out there, we would happily recommend Dr. Noa Oz.

Thanks again! We know Royce definitely appreciates it too.

Hilary & Roman (& Royce) Rubin

Laura Weir

Dr. Oz is a lifesaver. My boy bernese Yogi just turned 6 years old in August and i dont have kids so he is my life. My fur baby. We were walking at Rose Valley and Yogi unfortunately got hit by a car. I was traumatized and like an angel Dr. Oz happened to be jogging by. He opened the clinic and stayed with Yogi through the night. The next day he did tests and Yogi had a broken pelvis on one side and had to be transferred to a specialist. He has now had surgery a few days ago and is recovering well. Dr. Oz was so concerned for Yogi all the way through and helped us to figure out what we felt was best for Yogi. He also has called and checked in on Yogi since he left his care. He was truly concerned for both Yogi and myself. He is an angel and helped saved my boy till he could get surgery. Huge hugs from Laura, Marty Yogi and his younger bernese sister Tundra. XoXoπŸΆπŸ•πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’–


I love Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital! The staff is extremely caring and my dog loves going there.

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Fantastic group of people. Very loving, caring and compassionate. I will never take my animals anywhere but here. Thank you Dr. Oz and staff for all that you have done and did for us and everyone that has used your services.

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I cannot say enough great things about this wonderful Vet Hospital. Dr’s Moshe & Noah Oz are two of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Their devotion to the wellbeing of all animals is exceptional. I have the highest regard for them and I know that they are, by far, the kindest veterinarians I have ever been to. The staff are also wonderful, kind, and caring and they are an integral part of your whole experience at this Hospital. Thank you all – I am forever indebted to you for how you have helped me and my fur babies over the last four years.

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You are a wonderful group of dedicated individuals

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Amazing dedicated staff who treat our pets like they are their own. I cannot say enough good about their clinical skills and genuine love of animals. My dachshund’s nail trimmings were always traumatic – never mind shots and treatments! – but he is calm and quiet and the staff are so gentle and so kind.