Prepare your dog for the summer

Summer tends to be a very busy time for veterinary practices. Naturally people are more engaged in outdoor activities, which can be very pleasurable for both humans and pets but at times bare risks. In this article I will describe in brief the most common summer related hazards for dogs. The Okanagan valley can get very hot in the summer, … Read More

Fatty Liver in cats

There is nothing cuter then a big chubby cat, and cats in nature are very prone to gain weight, especially the cats that are kept indoors hence tend to be less active. Among other risks of obesity one of the most common and immediate risks for  fat cats is development of a condition called “Fatty liver” or in its medical … Read More

Tick Borne Diseases:

The Okanagan Valley is considered a very warm area in the spring and summer. Ticks are one of the infectious agents that are more active in warm weather and put our pets in risk of contracting different diseases. Ticks attach to warm blooded beings, including humans, and suck their blood for their survival. In the action of penetrating to the … Read More

Deworming pets

Spring has sprung and the heartworm season is soon upon us. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of routine deworming of our pets, including prevention of heartworm. Gastrointestinal parasites are very common in both dogs and cats. in general there are few different types of parasites: -Protozoa -which are single cell parasites, the most common … Read More

Stomach Bloat

Spring is soon upon us, many people will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with their canine friends. Physical activity is usually very healthy for dogs. In this article I will discuss in brief a condition called “Stomach Bloat”. The cause of this condition is not known but it has been suggested that exercising after eating is a significant contributing … Read More

Pet’s Diarrhea

One of the most common reasons for taking a pet to the vet is Diarrhea. Diarrhea is characterized by changes in the stool consistency- runny stool, and the stool’s color. Diarrhea can be caused by a disease of the small intestine, large intestine or other organs outside of the intestinal tract, the liver for an example. There are few differences … Read More

ACL- Anterior Cranial Cruciate ligament rapture in dogs

This article is dedicated to sports injuries in dogs. The most common traumatic injury in dogs involves the Knee, and that is a rapture of the Anterior Cranial Cruciate ligament (ACL). The knee joint is composed of three bones- the Femur (the long bone extending down from the hip), the Tibia (the bone between the knee and ankle), and the … Read More

Cats urination outside of the litter box.

This week I am dedicating the column to the miserable cat owners that are suffering from their cat’s urination outside of the litter box (usually on your favourite couch or in your bed….). As an owner of a cat that has this horrible habit I know how frustrating and annoying this phenomenon can be. There are different types of cats … Read More

Usage of human medication in animals is a hazard

Some pet owners attempt to help their pet themselves hoping to avoid the trip to the vet. I was very surprised to find out the extent of the phenomenon of people treating their pets with human medication they have at home without veterinary instructions or supervision. Using human medication in pets can be very dangerous. One of the drug group … Read More

Kennel Cough

The winter is upon us, we are all facing diseases such as flu and head cold. Did you know you that dogs can also catch a cold? Dogs cold is called “infectious Tracheobrinchitis” or more commonly “Kennel Cough”. This disease is an inflammation of the respiratory system, including the nose , the Trachea (wind pipe) and the Bronchi ( The … Read More