Allergic reaction to insects

Pet Allergies

Camping season is in its prime. I am always fascinated how the nature of many of the cases I treat in my clinic is directly related to the season. With our patients running around in nature, naked, and fascinated by all things moving, insect bite allergic reactions are a familiar presentation for vets. Many of these unfortunate encounters between the … Read More



For those of you unfortunate enough to have suffered from an ear infection, you know how terrible the pain and discomfort can be associated with ear aches. So can you imagine having tiny creatures living in your ear canal, constantly causing itchiness and inflammation? One, or probably even the most common cause of ear infections in cats are ear mites. … Read More

Marijuana intoxication in pets

Marijuana & Pets

It was 4 AM and I was finally sleeping after a very busy weekend at the hospital when I got a phone call on my emergency line from a panicked dog owner. The owners are a young, bubbly couple.  They had just finished partying when they noticed their 10 month old puppy was acting very strangely. The dog suddenly became … Read More

Behavioral problems in dogs

Behavioral problems in dogs

Back in history it was very uncommon for people to take medication for mental issues. People that were treated medically were considered crazy. Going to a psychiatrist was the last resort and was done secretly and accompanied by feelings of of shame. Nowadays things have changed, people are aware of the importance of good mental health. Our modern society is … Read More

Patellar luxation

Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed in all of my history with veterinary medicine both as a student and as a doctor, that cases tend to appear in pairs or multiples. Very often, I find myself dealing in the same week with three blocked cats, or two snake bites for example. This phenomenon has no logical explanation, but somehow it is just … Read More

Heartworm prevention

The good news are that the winter is over. The bad news are that we are not the only creatures that are going to enjoy the upcoming spring, mosquitoes are also thriving in warm weather. Beside being a nuisance to people, mosquitoes have the capability of transmitting a dangerous disease to our pets known as Heart worm. Heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis) … Read More

Adjusting your dog to a new baby in the house

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a new baby into the family. Becoming parents is challenging and a life changing experience. It takes lots of preparation of all the family members including the family pets to make the transition as smooth as possible. I recommend to all dog owners to consult with a behaviour specialist or trainer prior to … Read More

Dental disease in pets

Many vet clinic have devoted this past month to promote the awareness of  oral hygiene importance. As a part of this effort I’ve decided to republish this article that deals with one of the most important aspect of veterinary preventative medicine. Oral hygiene has both medical and cosmetic significance. Being aware and proactive about your pet’s oral hygiene can positively … Read More

Giving human medication to animals can be dangerous

Some pet owners attempt to help their pet themselves hoping to avoid the trip to the vet. I was very surprised to find out the extent of the phenomenon of people treating their pets with human medication they have at home without veterinary instructions or supervision. Using human medication in pets can be very dangerous. One of the drug group … Read More

Onion and garlic intoxication

Many pet owners consider their pets a part of the family and like to include and share their holiday dinners with them. It is important to know that some foods that are very healthy to humans actually bare risk to pets. Onion and garlic are the best example. Onions and garlic in any form may cause anemia in dogs.  Whether … Read More