Chocolate toxicity

The Christmas holiday season is upon us. In the season of giving, chocolate is a very popular gift people like to exchange. As a chocolate lover my self, I know how a chocolate indulgemet can raise your spirit. As well as most people, dogs tend to have a “sweet tooth” too, but for dogs chocolate in large amount is harmful … Read More

Winterize your pet

Just as your car may need a little special attention as cold weather approaches, so does your pet.  Here are some tips on how to keep your pet safe and healthy during the cold season. One of the most common reasons for rushing into vets offices in the winter time is antifreeze poisoning. The antifreeze we use in our vehicles … Read More

Dogs mental health

Nowadays there is a growing awareness of the importance of good mental health. There is an increase in the number of people seeking help and counseling. People are striving to improve their quality of life by using medications not only for severe mental problems but even for mild mood disorders. Well, did you know that our canine friends may suffer … Read More

Back pain in pets

Back pain is the bane of many people’s life. We are in good company, as it turns out, our four legged fury friends are not immune to back pain either. The spinal cord is one of the most important and sensitive organs in the body. It is responsible for the transmission of the neurologic signals from the brain to the … Read More

Intestinal foreign body and obstruction

Dogs and cats, especially the young ones are naturally curious and playful hence tend to chew and swallow various objects. The foreign object may lodge in any part of the gastrointestinal system- the esophagus, the stomach or the intestine. Dogs have been known to swallow bones, balls,corncobs, toys, sticks, stones, pins, needles, wood splinters, cloth, rawhide, leather, strings, fruit pits, … Read More

Approach to tumors in pets

Tumors are very common in animals, especially in the senior animal population. According to researches, cancer is the cause of almost 50% of death in pets over 10 years of age. It is important to understand that not every tumor is cancerous. Tumor definition is any abnormal growth of cells. Tumors, or as frequently called by vets- masses, can be … Read More

Obesity in pets

In our modern life style, food is no longer serving as a basic survival need but has actually become a part of life’s pleasures. This fact is also true for pets, many pets owners are using food to spoil their pets,  hence obesity among pets is extremely common. Obesity is the most frequent nutritional problem encountered in veterinary medicine, and … Read More

Anal Glands Disease

Lately I’ve encountered many dogs owners that are complaining that their dogs are scooting their rear end across the floor or even more annoyingly- the carpets. Scooting has two main reasons. It can be caused by presence of intestinal worms or more commonly due to anal sacs disease. Dogs and cats have a pair of glands that are called anal glands or sacs. These are scent glands in nature. The glands are located in their anal sphincter muscle, at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. A tiny duct or tube leads under the skin to an opening directly beside the anus. These glands produce and store an oily liquid material that is used to mark territories. When dogs greet each other and sniff each other rear ends, that is what they are smelling. The anal glands content has a very foul smell even when the glands are healthy. The anal glands empty through an opening in each gland with stool passage in the rectum. Spontaneous release of the anal glands content is also associated with fear and in stressful events.

Prepare your dog for the summer

Summer tends to be a very busy time for veterinary practices. Naturally people are more engaged in outdoor activities, which can be very pleasurable for both humans and pets but at times bare risks. In this article I will describe in brief the most common summer related hazards for dogs. The Okanagan valley can get very hot in the summer, … Read More

Stomach Bloat

Spring is soon upon us, many people will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with their canine friends. Physical activity is usually very healthy for dogs. In this article I will discuss in brief a condition called “Stomach Bloat”. The cause of this condition is not known but it has been suggested that exercising after eating is a significant contributing … Read More