Dr. Oz Saves Baby Racoons In Kelowna


Article Credit: Carmen Weld – Jul 6, 2016 / 3:21 pm
Repost from: Castanet

They were hungry, dehydrated, orphaned and about to die – but now three baby raccoons have a new lease on life.

The three little male raccoons were discovered by a Kelowna man is his yard.

While he initially tried to get the BC Conservation Office to come save the orphaned cubs, he was told to leave them alone.

After a few upsetting days of watching the little animals suffer, he called Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital for help.

Dr. Moshe Oz says when the man originally called he told him to call conservation and to put out food and water, but by Thursday the cubs’ condition had got worse and the temperatures were climbing.

“I couldn’t just leave them that way, right before a long weekend, so I sent the girls there,” explains Oz.

He says his staff took time in the middle of the day to get the raccoons and bring them back to his clinic. They brought the cubs back to life with food, water, fluids, medication and a lot of love.

“The girls did amazing,” says Oz. “We all cancelled all our plans for the long weekend and we were all here. Every two hours we were there and tried to feed them and nurse them back to life. They weren’t moving, they were in the process of dying.”

He says now they are lively and doing well.

“We bottle feed them, lots of care, lots of love, lots attention,” says Oz.

While he knows the conservation service wanted the raccoons left alone, and some may judge his decision to rescue the cubs when they cannot stay with humans for life, he says he couldn’t let them go.

“I personally can not just leave them dying. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy my weekend, knowing I could have done something,” says Oz.

“I made a decision to just try.”

Now the clinic is trying to find a wildlife reserve or somewhere else that can take them and raise them.

“They will be with us for a couple more days, but they are ready for a new home,” says Oz.

“They are so cute, they are amazing, so interesting.”

If you know of a facility to adopt the cubs or have any suggestions, please give Dr. Oz a call – contact information is available online here.